Email Hall of Fame

I recently took the plunge and switched to Apple Mail after all these years with poor little neglected Microsoft Entourage. You know, we just don’t seem to have anything in common anymore: I don’t schedule appointments, I got tired of notes, and I kind of have this new thing for Universal apps. I’m not sure if I’m going to grow to like Mail better or not (it certainly wasn’t love at first site), but we’ll give it a shot. I hear she’s going to be getting some ‘work done’ soon.

Anyway, in honor of this new partnership, if decided I’d work a little harder at gunking out my mail. I just don’t need those emails from 2 years ago asking if I can meet at 1pm on Tuesday.

I found this gem of an email in one of my folders:


as promised, here’s a sumdum of the problum.

had been working with elektra, getting along fine. no arguments or anything, then i decided to get lunch… and thought it’d be safe to leave myself logged in. WRONG! miss E wasn’t cool with me leaving her alone. she threw a tantrum, hissed a bunch, and now she refuses to open my files. most importantly, the file named portfolio piece that is located on ######.

photoshop is also a bitch. she has poor work ethic. when she encounters a problem, she causes a ruckus (i.e. corrupts my files), and then quits. doesn’t she know she’s supposed to give two weeks notice before peacing out? sheeesh, she’ll never get re-hired.

Working in computer support would be a lot more fun if I got emails like this several times a week.

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