Andy Budd Calls for CSS2.2

Since is seems like CSS3 will never be a reality, Andy Budd has proposed that we make an interim step to CSS2.2, giving us web designers/developers the things that we need now. I just have one thing to say to that: Amen.

CSS2 became official in 1998. We’re now well into 2007 and CSS3 is still nowhere in sight. There are a lot of reasons for this (some of which Budd highlights). The worst part is that some of those specifications that we need now are nearly done.

We currently live in a world of live texture mapping and rag doll physics. And yet as web developers, we don’t even have the ability to create rounded corner boxes programmatically. The W3C are so concerned with shaping the future, I’m worried that they may have forgotten the present. Forgotten the needs of the average web designer and developer.

I feel like as web developers and designers, we often get so caught up in our own little world of fancy tricks and hacks to do totally mundane things, that we forget how ridiculously far behind the times our tools are. If web standards are going to survive in the future, we need something like CSS2.2 implemented, like, yesterday.

Via Daring Firebal.

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1. Software developer

Yes the standards and most importantly the standards compliance needs to be taken care of.

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