KJ Bikes and Mopeds

Pictures of bikes and mopeds for KJ. I took them on my phone, so the quality is pretty bad.



Theater Posters

Three very nice posters designed by David Hellsing.

David Hellsing Poster

Canneloni Macaroni

Via David’s Kitchen.

Tripoli CSS Rendering Foundation

David Hellsing has created a new CSS Rendering Foundation (if that confuses you, think framework) with cross-browser compatibility.

The CSS files basically include a global reset, generic styles, and a print stylesheet. There is also an IE stylesheet for specific IE bugs. The CSS files looks pretty good.

All of the typography is based on The Elements of Typographic Style:

Vertical rhythm, line-heights, margins and font sizes have been carefully selected to follow classic typographic guidelines from books like “The Elements of Typographic Style“. All measurements are set in em’s, so it’s very easy to do elastic and dynamic layouts while still keeping typographical proportions. Rules like font-size and font-family are set globally so you can easily override them with new values that suits your project without ruining the natural flow.

Even cooler, Tripoli also introduces the idea of using “plugs” to extend the generic base code:

One of the ideas behind Tripoli is to allow external plugs to extend the generic base. To demonstrate this, I have created a negative plug that changes all colors to prepare for a negative layout. Other plugs could be sidebars, menus, rounded boxes, code formatting and other helpful widgets.

The Tripoli site includes several examples of how it works. My particular favorite is the example where he takes a page from a W3C spec and completely restyles it (links to the changed styles at the top of the document):

Typography Course Syllabus

I stumbled across this blog the other day which includes an entire course syllabus for a Typography class at Marietta College (GRPH 210). I found the site quite interesting because there is actually a lot of really good info about Typography on the site:

I’m also quite pleased to discover that they are using Linotype’s FontExplorer X for font management in their labs as well. I don’t think that the typography professor in my department has forgiven me yet for pulling the plug on FontReserve and replacing it with FEX. Sigh.

I think that overall the site is a nice example of what can be done with a “departmental blog”. I’ve been working on something similar for my own job.