Red Hankies

In my own defence, at least I know (a) HTML, (b) type, and (c) that red hankies went out of style on the gay scene before I was even born.

Really? Red hankies are out? Shiv…

New Edition of FontBook

A new edition of FontBook has been released.

Fontbook Cover FontBook Sample Pages

I really would like a copy this. Hint, hint.

Khoi Vinh has a write-up about the book on Subtraction.

Via Daring Fireball.

Don’t Die Ding

Font Rendering

Khaled Abou Alfa has a nice summary of how the font rendering looks on the different browsers (I believe this is all on Windows):

The way that Firefox renders text on Windows is embarrassing. It just looks terrible. Using Alfa’s example, here is what the text looks like in Firefox:

Firefox Font

Ouch. It hurts my eyes.

Bush Commutes Libby’s Sentence

Shortly after a federal appeals court said that Libby would not remain free while his case was on appeal, Bush announced that he was commuting Libby’s 30-month sentence. From the New York Times:

It’s an interesting distinction that Bush did not actually pardon Libby. I wonder if there was a legal reason for this (i.e. Bush is so close to this that it might be even more improper to fully pardon Libby.)

Although I don’t think that anyone is actually surprised by this move, I find it hard to believe that it has actually happened. An editorial in The New York Times hits it spot on:

It seems to me that given how close Bush and his cabinet are to this, it is entirely inappropriate for Bush to take a part in pardoning or commuting Libby’s sentence. Although from all accounts that I’ve heard, Bush did nothing illegal, it still reeks of dishonesty and corruption.