Google Web History

Anil Dash has posted some interesting thoughts on Google Web History (released today).

Dash points out the technical merits of the project:

From a technical standpoint, Google Web History is one of those tools that’s so well-executed it seems simple, or even obvious, the first time you see it. There’s a basic timeline of your search history, with the ability to drill into specific search result histories for Google properties like web search, image search, news, Froogle…, Video, and Maps.

More importantly, Dash wonders if perhaps Google has gone too far. I’d agree with him. The idea of one company having so much personal data on a huge number of people is just creepy.

San Francisco

Today is my first full day back from my vacation to the San Francisco area. It was a lovely trip with my family. It was my first time to that part of California, and I have to say, I liked it a lot.

I meant to post more about the trip but well, I was busy having fun. Oh well, I’ve uploaded most of pictures I took.

Jenny in Golden Gate Park

Animated GIFs

The Virb group Animated GIFs has some pretty funny things. I couldn’t resist posting this one.

Bob Barker zips contestant

Via SimpleBits.

Global Warming a National Security Threat

Recently US Senators Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and Dick Durbin, D-Ill., introduced a bill to create a National Intelligence Estimate on the national security implications of global warming. has the full story:

This is an interesting move to attempt to reframe the debate about global warming. Instead of its traditional place in environmental realm (read: tree-hugging hippie issue), we can see it now in terms of a security issue (read: soccer mom issue).

“For years, too many of us have viewed global warming as simply an environmental or economic issue,” [Durbin] said in introducing the new bill at a Senate hearing. “We now need to consider it as a security concern.” Durbin characterized climate change consequences as “a clear and present danger to the United States” and “a potential threat multiplier for instability around the world.”

Perhaps this will finally get some more of the officials in our government on board with the issue.

On a side note, this bill is a very interesting move for Sen. Chuck Hagel, as points out.

Hagel, a possible contender for the GOP presidential nomination, led the effort to block U.S. participation in the Kyoto treaty and continues to staunchly oppose mandatory restrictions on greenhouse gases, but he has been a leader among moderate Republicans in moving to address climate change in other, nonregulatory ways. “Sen. Durbin and I differ on policy initiatives designed to reduce the impact of climate change,” Hagel said at the hearing. “We do agree, however, on the need to assess potential impacts of the changing climate on U.S. national security interests.”

Maybe he can sway other government officials that have historically been against environmental concerns to think again.

Programming Language Design

A doodle I’ve been working on during my class, “Structure and Organization of Programming Languages.”

A Language Design Doodle