Novell’s spoof on Apple’s MAC/PC adverts

Second spoof ad on Apple’s “Get a Mac Campaign”. I like.

Via Broken Kode.

The Filter

The Filter is this really neat little application that will generate an iTunes playlist for you based on your selection of a couple of songs. Basically, you select a couple of songs that you’re in the ‘mood’ to hear in iTunes. You then click on the Filter application and it automatically generates a new playlist in iTunes with about 24 similar songs from your music library.

I’ve made several different playlists and it is pretty cool. I feel like this would be really nice if you’re using a smaller iPod Nano or Shuffle.

Via The Apple Blog.

If You Can Read This, You’re Hired

A review of Lunar BBDO’s recruitment advertising for typographers. The ads were set entirely in Webdings, Wingdings, and Zapf Dingbats. The idea was that any who truly loved typography would figure out how to read the ads and apply for the job.

Lunar BBDO recruitment poster

Creative Pro has a good write-up about the company including some more advertising work they’ve done. I particularly like the recycling poster.

Via Daring Fireball.

Black Ink 1.0

Today Daniel Jalkut released Black Ink 1.0 from Red Sweater Software. This is the successor to MacXword.

I myself do enjoy crossword puzzles, although I’m terrible at them. I downloaded the trial version of Black Ink to test it. I have to say that I’m really impressed. The application is very easy to use. The way the interface is designed is completely intuitive. I also found that the entire application was very snappy. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, this application is a must have.

Bad C++ Joke

One of my friends told us this joke in class today. The saddest part of it was that we all laughed really hard.

How many C++ programmers does it take to change a light bulb? “You’re still thinking procedurally! A properly designed light bulb object would inherit a change method from a generic light bulb class!”