An Event Apart Boston

I should be there. It’s just down the street. Why am I not there?

Grrr. I own most of the books that these people have written. Silly me for not getting it together to make sure I was registered.

Yet Another Vista Discount

I wasn’t even going to comment on this article, because whatever I have to say has undoubtedly been said already.

But this comment really made me laugh:

It’s too bad Microsoft limited the number of editions for Vista. I was hoping for a 6-dimensional product grid with cross-grade discounts available to those who bought both the home-office version and the mobile/military discount with the floating smart-phone/vacation-home bundle. As it is now my choices are severely limited when it comes time to upgrading the PC in the garden shed…

World’s Most Amazing Trees

These trees are all really freaking cool.

Chapel oak of Allouville Bellefosse

The number 10 tree is in Monterey, where I’m visiting in about a month. Maybe I’ll see it.

Via Kottke.

LogoMaid Rips Off Dan Cederholm’s SimpleBits Logo


Mac Users and Cross Platform Apps

About a month ago I blogged about my feelings on Mac browsers in Mac Browsers and Non-Native UI. My basic feeling was that the best browser that’s made for a Mac always wins. Firefox is a great browser, but it’s not made for a Mac.

A recent article on Theocacao has basically reinforced what I said in my previous post. It’s well worth the read.

Stevenson’s main rule of thumb for Mac development:

Mac users will generally favor an app with a better experience over the one with more features.

Make sure to read that twice. He’s absolutely right.

Getting back to the browsers, Stevenson uses Firefox as an example for the above point:

A textbook example of this is Firefox. A great browser, but Safari is far more popular on the Mac because it’s designed for a Mac user. In fact, this runs so deeply that Camino — a Mac-only app which uses the same Gecko engine that Firefox does — enjoys a fairly strong following.