It Looked Good…

This made me laugh, because for the last couple of months I’ve been subjected to an endless amount of ‘manly’ advertising while watching football (yes, I’m an avid fan). Apparently, fast food falls into the category of appropriately manly football adds. After awhile…those sandwiches really do look good.

    UPDATE: Apparently the link got broken. I’ve fixed it now.

    Far cry: Ouch

    I haven’t seen a review this scathing in a really long time. Ben Kuchera’s review for Far Cry: Vengeance (Wii) went a little something like this:

    I’ve often played games I thought weren’t that attractive, but this game was downright ugly. It’s like ugly’s uglier older sister, Uglita. Except she was horribly burned in an accident when volatile Nasty-sauce from the Beat-Down corporation spilled all over her face.

    The game must be really, really bad to make a reviewer that upset.

      Internally, Microsoft Does Get It

      More emails from Windows chief Jim Allchin were made public recently as a result of and antitrust trial in Iowa. This latest email seemed particularly relevant to my last post on The PC World and Design.

      In the email Allchin talks about his experience with a Creative Labs portable music player. He really slams the thing, and more importantly, his entire experience with the thing:

      I have to tell you my experience with our software and this device is really terrible. I expect you already knew this but I had not personally experienced it. Now I spent the time last night really playing with it. My goodness it is terrible. What I don’t understand though is that I was told that the new Creative Labs device would be comparable to Apple. That is so not the case.

      So, to amend my previous post: I guess that Microsoft really does understand why Apple is so successful at what it does…at least privately. The sad part is their inability to do anything about it. This email chain was written over three years ago! The Zune is out now, but I can’t say that I’ve seen a single person walking around Boston using one yet.

      1. At the time of posting this has a link to the pdf of Allchin’s email. In case that link disappears, I have it here.

      Via Daring Fireball.

      53 CSS Techniques

      “Wow,” is pretty much all I have to say about this. It is quite the list.

      Via Daring Fireball.

      Secrets In Websites

      Here is an interesting list of nice little nuggets imbedded in the code of some major websites. My favorite is the Apple one.

      More importantly, don’t forget to check out Accettura’s really sweet implementation of code examples on his page. He’s got scrolling boxes with fancy line numbers and code coloring. Even better though, the headers of the boxes then give you a link to switch over to viewing just the actual unstyled code (HTML or C++ in this case). A really nice little implementation.

      Via Daring Fireball