Update from the first day

So, a few things I didn’t get to mention earlier. It’s really hot here. The night we flew into Denver, it was 104°. The next day (our first full day, it was up around 98° before noon.

We decided that it would be best for all of us if we quickly left the Denver area and it’s masses of concrete highways and headed for the mountains. At least it would be a little bit cooler.On a side note, 104° in Denver, where it’s dry, is nothing compared to 90° and humid in Boston.

There appears to be some sort of gnat infestation in Colorado. I was sitting outside working on my computer and counted about five of them on my screen. That’s not counting all of the ones that I kept slapping on my legs.

My sister’s family drove up from New Mexico to hang out with us for the first couple of days. I finally met my sister’s siblings for the first time ever! (if that confuses you, too bad.) They are twelve and fifteen and really fun.

Today we’re headed up to the visitors center a some peak in Rocky Mountain Park. Then we’re off to Wyoming.

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1. Nicole

Hey Lady(s)! Hi from me and Maia. Love your videos. Say hi hi to Jenny. Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. Jenny’s sibs are cute 🙂 It’s wicked hot here in Boston. Thas all lovlies…

2. NerdStarGamer

Hey there. You should actually log in sometimes so you’re not always anonymous. My phone won’t let me check my voice mail. Sigh.