Stupid Fonts Again

Fonts have got to be the bane of my existence. I manage an all-mac computer lab for a college. We have a graphic design program in the department, so we run Quark, InDesign and Font Explorer X. We also own the Adobe Font Folio (open type edition) Library.

Since we got this type library, I’ve had nothing but problems in our labs. We used to run Font Reserve, but I got fed up with having to script around the fact that it was never deactivating fonts like it was supposed to. With a 1000+ font library and lots of users, that’s a problem. Try having a PR major wait two minutes for Word to open, and then bitch you out for it.

I like Font Explorer X a lot, but installing it in our labs hasn’t come without it’s fair share of problems. The biggest thing right now though is that Quark 6.5 just refuses to play nice with any of the other software. Supposedly 7 is better, but since they released it a month after our budgeting cycle ended, we’re stuck with 6.5 at least until next summer.

Latest Problem: All of those True Type fonts that come preintstalled with Tiger (and Office) I can’t get rid of. They are all always activated, except that Quark apparently doesn’t like the Italic versions. This is a real problem because the students get confused and don’t realize that the true type is not the open type. They don’t see an italic listed in Quark so most just assume it doesn’t exist until their graphic design professor yells at them. Yuck.

I need the font insanity to stop. Now.

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