Our Yellowstone Tour

Yellowstone Park was pretty darn cool. I was skeptical (I thought it would be a lot of people and not very much but trees to see), but we had a good time.

We saw tons of buffalo, and even ones that were right on the road. They are very large beasts. A couple of dumb people were driving their cars right up to them and getting out to take pictures. We tried flashing our buffalo gore sign (previously posted), but the silly people wouldn’t listen. We resorted to drive by shoutings of “You’re gonna get gored!”, with the windows closed and AC on, of course.

At one particular pullout Jenn and I both spotted a large pasty beast about 20 feet into the woods. We pulled over, thinking it was some sort of strange albino buffalo species, but upon closer inspection we realized that it was the rear end of some pale naked tourist. We quickly moved on.

We headed over to Norris, where there is a lot of geyser activity. We decided to do this because we wanted to see that kind of stuff, but had already decided to avoid Old Faithful because of masses of traffic and gawking tourists. Norris was very cool. We took a bunch of pictures (on Flickr now) on our one mile hike around one. There was a longer hike with more geysers, but as we hobbled back to the car, we both agreed that we were much too sore from our seven mile hike.

Later in the day we headed over to Lamar Valley. We were hoping to see some good wildlife, but we only saw a few dears and a bunch more buffalo. Despite that, it was easily one of the most beautiful parts of the park and definitely worth the drive.

Here’s a map of our route through Yellowstone Park, starting from the South Gate and ending at the North Gate. Our route is highlighted in orange.

A map of our trip through Yellowstone Park

We stayed in Gardiner, Montana last night. It’s a very small, but cute town. This morning we headed up to Bozeman and ate lunch at the Pickle Barrel. Now were resting in a delightful coffee shop in downtown Bozeman. I really like this town a lot. Onward to Helena we go.

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