Holy shit! Bert Monroy

So I attended the Photoshop CS2 Creativity Tour today with Bert Monroy leading 5 hour long sessions about various photoshop techniques that he employes.

All I have to say is holy shit, he is insanely good at what he does. I sat there and watched him create things like lightning, rain, brick walls, and puddles while he stepped us through the process, explaining everything in minute detail. Each time, when I was all said and done, I looked at the image and thought “I would never know that that wasn’t real” and then immediately after “I couldn’t create that doing exactly what he just did”.

It’s never been so pronounced to me how much artistry is involved that kind of work. Things to think about

  • Channels (differences between red, green and blue and how to edit them accordingly)
  • Alpha Channels (intense selections)
  • Pen tool (I know I can one day use this effectively in photoshop
  • Using perspective in Illustrator. Set up a vanishing point in the art board. (i just think this would be fun with my buildings and all)

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