Day 2

We started our trip from Estes Park today in Colorado. We drove all through Rocky Mountain National Park and saw lots of pretty mountains. The summit that we drove though was over 12,000 ft. I climbed a short path a little ways up so that I could scale some of these cool rocks, but within about 100 ft I was huffing and puffing. Apparently it’s somewhat hard to breathe at 12,000 ft.

Big Game Report

  • Early in the day, not too far inside the park we saw hordes of people standing on the side of the road looking into a field. We decided to stop and check it out. Apparently it was a cluster of some sort of wild goats. We quickly moved on.
  • Up just above the tree line there were a group of large beasts laying luxuriously in the grass (well, vegetation). We established that they must be elk (large and scraggily looking). This was later confirmed by a forest service expert.
  • While picnicking by a lake, a hungry looking deer approached us. I came within about 10 feet of us. When we refused it food, it moved on the bench a little ways down the hill, occupied by a small surprised family.
  • While driving between Steamboat Springs and Craig, a confused deer tried to jump in front of my speeding car. I deftly avoided it. What’s a trip out west without a few close deer encounters?

So, as a final tally, we cruised Rocky Mountain National Park and saw three large lakes at the southern end of it. We considered swimming until we realized that the water was very cold. There was some wandering around Steamboat Springs, and lastly we decided to call it a day when we got to Craig.

Unfortunately, we had made this decision before actually getting to Craig. As it turns out, there isn’t much in Craig. While leaving the Taco Bell, we were nearly run down by a large off-roading vehicle (looked like it might have been in a demolition derby or two). We’ve decided to hunker down in the hotel for the night.

Next stop: Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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1. Rachel

phatty road trip, liss! too funny. i did a similar road trip. yo – outside of jackson hole (which is very $$) there’s a hotsprings in the bridger-teton n.f. it’s awsome. ~10 miles down a dirt road. i’ll look on the web for an address- coolest place ever.

my brother was stationed in craig last summer for fire fighting. his stories were wicked funny. craig ain’t a place to stop 🙂

i love it,
talk to you soon??

2. Rachel

-from some travel website, but this is where i was talking about, with directions. really, it’s awsome.

Granite Hot Springs
Hot Spring/Spa, Jackson

South of Jackson Hole, concerted local and national efforts have preserved both the wildlands and the ranches that dot the Teton Valley floor. The Snake River turns west and the contours steepen; by Hoback Junction there’s white-water excitement. The drive south along U.S. 191 provides good views of the river’s twists and turns and the life-jacketed rafters and kayakers who float the canyon. About 13 mi south of Jackson at Hoback Junction, head east on U.S. 189/191 and follow the Hoback River south up its beautiful canyon. A tributary canyon 10 mi south of the junction is followed by a well-maintained and -marked gravel road to Granite Hot Springs, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, 10 mi east of U.S. 189/191 on Granite Creek Road. People come for the shady, creek-side campground, the pool fed by hot springs, and moderate hikes up Granite Canyon to passes with panoramic views.