Adobe CS3 Icons

Seems like the entire blogging world is in a fervor about the new CS3 icons. Check out Daring Fireball for links to just about every relevant conversation going on right now on the subject.

My take on it: Yeah, the icons are pretty ugly. Just a little bit boring. I really like the direction they’re going in though, because I was honestly never a fan of the older CS-era icons. Sounds like most people agree that the CS icons were pretty, but useless as far as remembering which icon belonged to which program (I’m forever opening up Illustrator or InDesign by accident). I like how the icons bring together the suite, but overall it doesn’t seem quite right yet. The Acrobat icon choice is understandable, but it’s still just plain goofy when you put it next to all of the other. Overall, it feels like a rough idea that could be headed in the right direction.

My biggest question was about the Illustrator icon. Why is it Ai? I think that is about the least intuitive abbreviation ever. It’s the only app that includes Adobe in its two letters. Luckily, my burning question just got answered (I might have even lost sleep over this) in the comments section of John Nack’s blog on the subject. [For the record, I still don’t agree with the Ai for Illustrator.]

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1. bestial beast

So true! These suck. I would consider myself at least a little familiar with what these are supposed to represent, and actually the only one I can be sure of is Ai, and that’s because it’s the one you talked about. I’m doomed.

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