Doomcave Daydreams

Here is some very lovely (and somewhat disturbing) work from Camille Rose Garcia.

Artwork by Camille Rose Garcia

Via Drawn.

Doodle Association

Here is a clever little game. It works like the word association game, except it’s tiny little doodles.

Via Drawn!.

Sketchbook Glory

Here’s a lovely little sketchbook from David Kilpatrick.

A sketchbook doodle by David Kilpatrick

Via Drawn.

Engadget: Installing the Zune…Sucked

Nice piece on the installation and subsequent user experience of the Zune. There are lots of really nice screen shots to go with the article.

I particularly liked this comment from donlphi on the article:

[Microsoft] is a little out of touch with what kids want I think. Seeing microsoft trying to be “hip” is like watching my dad showing up to an EMO concert. Something really uncomfortable.

Holy Shiv! Rumsfeld’s Out

OMG! I can’t believe it. I’m pinching my arm. Could it be true?

Also, check out this highly succinct graphic which explains what this all actually means (in computer terms).

On a side note, I’ve been really impressed by the New York Times Election 2006 website. It’s just a flat out great representation of data. Props.

Cute little graphic via Daring Fireball.