Craig’s List Responses

This has got to be one of the best responses I’ve seen for an apartment listing on Craig’s List:

Dear Sir/Madam: Hello, I see on Craig’s List that you are advertising a roommate situation across from the Public Library site in Cambridge. I would appreciate learning more about your place. My landlady sold my place and ordered our apartment empty at the end of the lease. I am living with my brother in Middleboro for the time being, using a rental to get back and forth. I know your area well. I lived on 67 Highland Avenue for a number of years. My office is on Mass. Ave. between Harvard and Central Squares. I most recently lived at the end of Concord Ave. in Cambridge. I am a mature, long term Cambridge resident. I am quiet around the house and clean. I am trying to reestablish a law office on Mass. Ave. I am very active in the community with an environmental emphasis, but I do not bring it home. I tend to get home moderately late. I like to be able to eat my dinner quietly in front of the TV for an hour or so (I do have my own if necessary). I then go to bed and get up early and quietly work on my computer / internet. I do a lot of bicycling and need a place for my bicycle. Storage would be helpful. In your location, I would love to go out for a walk before bed. My hours tend to work very nicely with most people. In the place I have lived the longest, I had the same roommate for a number of years. She kept late hours. When she finally moved out, she commented that she stayed several years more than she would have because of the way our schedules complemented each other. We each essentially had a private apartment. You have included two items which I find quite attractive: the attitude toward cleanliness and the cats. Both are comfortable to me. Please contact me at the below phone number for fastest response or by this email. Thanks.

Slimming Camera

This is just totally twisted:

Via Daring Fireball.

One Million Ways to Die

Interesting. The fact that you’re more likely to die being shot by law enforcement is scary (although not terribly surprising).

Via Wired News.

Crimes Against Typography

I just found this site for Ellen Lupton’s book Thinking With Type. The whole site is really great, but I love the Crimes Against Typography section.

Via Thinking With Type.

Apple’s iTV

This whole iTV thingy sounds pretty darn cool. I’m interested.

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