Half-minimized and fully functional

This is so ridiculously weird, but really cool:

Via The Science and Technology Blog.

The Envelope Collective

This is a pretty neat idea. Random acts of individual artsyness posted on one place. Oh yeah, and they’re all somehow involved with the postal service.


Could there be anything more exciting than a film about type? Okay, I guess there could be, but this one is on my list. Somebody just has to remind me in 2007 when they start screening it.

Photograph of Helvetica in use at a subway station

Aviation Industry Safety Posters

Here are some really great posters from the Aviation industry. Not only are most of them really good design, but they are really funny:

Caution! Chopper

Via Drawn!.

Super-Secret Hacker Treefort

This has got to be one of the best exclamations I’ve seen in a long time:

Someone’s been hanging out in the super-secret hacker treefort in Maynor’s mom’s back yard with the Farah Fawcett poster on the wall!

Via Crazy Apple Rumors Site.