Spotting Help Vampires

Oh the joys of working in the computer support industry.


Normally, the sight of an invoice or an IRS form might send me running. The other day I stumbled upon this website that reminded me of just that, except I really like the design. I think that it’s really understated, and I love the simple black and white color scheme. I also really like the way that the nav lines up with the columns of text.

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A screenshot of

Great Quotes

“You can’t melee fight with a dark elf!”

Homemade Katamari Ball!

Check out the homemade Katamari ball on Etsy.

A photograph of a hommade Katamari ball Sorry guys, it already sold. You can check out the auction page here.

Nerd vs. Geek

I recently had a very elaborate and animated discussion with some friends on this very subject, except we also included dork in it. Personally, I prefer nerd or dork. Geek has a more negative connotation for me.

Via Daring Fireball.